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Stop Hating Your Body Challenge

So, these were my instructions:


Alright, guys! I’ve been asked about when the next challenge would be, and here it is!

You guys have done a wonderful job at being there for each other and forming such a strong community! But now it’s time to invite even more people to join this movement towards joy and positive self-esteem!

It’s time to be brave!

  • Pose in a photo that makes you feel vulnerable, show me what you’re insecure about but show it to me with a smile on your face! Show it to me with pride! 
  • Hold up a sign that says “stophatingyourbody.tumblr join the revolution to end body hate and low self-esteem“ 
  • Please write about what the blog and the movement mean to you! 
  • Post it to YOUR blog!
  • Tag it as “stophatingyourbody” and I will reblog as many as I can.

Picture 1:  I’m self conscious of my arms and my belly.  I hate how flabby my arms are, especially when they’re pressed against my sides, which is why in this picture, I decided to bring out the guns and show that there’s strength in the same place one of my insecurities lies.  My belly actually looks good here, and that makes me happy.  Sure, it’s not flat, but it sure is a LOT smaller than it used to be.  I am the smallest and the lightest I’ve been since 8th grade.  Now I’m a college freshman, and I’m fitting into clothes I wore when I was 14 years old.  I have stretch marks, but I realize now that they’re not that bad really.  They’re only on my hips and they’re a pale white.  After doing this, I realize I worry way too much about those things.

Picture 2:  My biggest insecurity in the world is my neck/back.  I have scoliosis and in addition to that, I basically have a hunchback.  It runs in my family…my grandma, my aunts, and my mom all have it.  But I’m the only one in the next generation that got it.  My back clearly curves forward no matter how straight I try to sit up.  My neck clearly bends no matter how far back I try to lean.  My spine could double as a roller coaster. There are so many clothes I refuse to wear because the back of the neck scoops down too low and draws attention to my neck.  That’s another reason I only ever wear tshirts.  They come almost all the way up to my hair line in the back and they help hide it.  I also rarely wear my hair up anymore.  I just hate having people stare and I hate feeling so exposed.  I usually feel like I’m generally easy on the eyes until I think about my neck, and then my self esteem plummets again.  I still hate it even though I posted a picture of it.  Honestly, it’s pretty humiliating posting a picture of it and I can’t believe I’m doing it.  I know I’m not supposed to hate my body..and I don’t hate the whole thing…but I just hate that one part.  I would give anything for a new back.  :|

Picture 3:  I had to make a sign advertising the blog that’s hosting the challenge, and we tried so many different poses.  But I ended up going with the silliest one because it captures my personality.  I’m a big fat goofball.  I’m almost never serious;  I’ve always got a joke up my sleeve and I’m always trying to make people laugh.  Some people think I’m idiotic and that I should grow up and mature, but I say poop on them.  My favorite quote in the world is, “Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.”  And there isn’t.  So why be a fuddy duddy that’s serious and boring?  Why not spread happiness?  That’s one thing I’m pretty damn good at, if I say so myself.  It’s okay to be goofy!  It keeps things interesting.


*I’ve been meaning to do this for a really long time.  It’s very therapeutic to expose myself like this and stare my flaws down.  Because I realize now that they’re not so bad.  I’m in the body I’m supposed to be in, and I’m rather fond of it.  


What the blog means to me:  Think this was brave?  Wait til you see some of the other entries on the blog.  Some of the submissions just blow me away.  The things people go through with their bodies and insecurities truly put my life in perspective.  I can see now that just about everyone has self esteem issues.  But you know, we don’t have to!  Society’s idea of beautiful is not the only definition of beautiful, which the wonderful people on this blog have proven to me.  I am so grateful to every single person who’s ever submitted to that blog and to Annie for creating it.  It truly is a revolution.  SO:

Be brave and join the revolution!

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